Where to find the O Mother gesture - Elden Ring

Pick up the O Mother gesture in Elden Ring's Shadow of the Erdtree expansion to express yourself and unlock a secret!


Unless you’ve been scouring the Realm of Shadow, there’s a good chance you missed the O Mother gesture in Elden Ring. You’re going to want to find it and grab it, because it’s more than just a means of expression, it can let you open a secret path.

O Mother gesture location

The O Mother gesture is found in Bonny Village, a jar-person town below Moorth Ruins. The gesture is on a body of a villager on the north side of the town, kneeling below a twisted tree, right by the cliff’s edge.

A map of Bonny Village showing how to reach it via Moorth Ruins
From Moorth Ruins, head down to Bonny Village and pick up the gesture from the northern part of the town.
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To get to Bonny Village, locate Moorth Ruins which is on the eastern side of Scadu Altus, an area you will find after passing through Castle Ensis. Moorth Ruins is sinking into a hole in the ground. These ruins are how you can access another area at the top of the Specimen Storehouse. Look for a church to the east of Moorth Ruins, along its northern wall is a hole with ledges to reach Bonny Village.

The player stands in front of a kneeling corpse at a tree
Grab the gesture off of the corpse by the tree.
Source: Shacknews

When you do arrive at Bonny Village, grab the gesture, but also pick up the Hefty Cracked Pots scattered throughout the town. These are extremely valuable, especially if you want to defeat some of the larger enemies in the expansion.

With the O Mother gesture acquired, you’re one step closer to reaching the northern Finger Ruins. Gallop over to our Elden Ring Strategy Guide for more help working through the expansion.

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