Where to find Hefty Cracked Pots - Elden Ring

Collect all the Hefty Cracked Pots in Elden Ring and enjoy the biggest pot you'll ever throw.


Hefty Cracked Pots are the newest throwable items in Elden Ring. These giant pots are the next tier up from the Ritual Pots, and they pack a massive wallop. The only trouble with these is actually finding them, as they are hidden exclusively throughout the expansion, Shadow of the Erdtree.

Hefty Cracked Pot locations

There are a couple of Hefty Cracked Pots to find in the Belurat Gaol, a small dungeon below the Belurat town to the west of the Shadow Realm (have you found the well and spoken with the woman in Belurat?). You cannot reach the jail from the town, you must do so by starting at the Three-Path Cross Site of Grace, which is where you’ll meet Redmane Freyja and the surly Hornsent.

Map showing the route to the Belarut Gaol for the hefty cracked pots

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Travel northwest along the path to the small lake, being careful not to engage the drake. Cross the water to find a bunch of cages strewn about a small gully that leads to a hole in the side of the mountain. Head inside to find the Belurat Gaol Site of Grace.

Hefty Cracked Pot 1

Arrows show the path down the hanging pots

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The first Hefty Cracked Pot you can find is located near the jumping puzzle where you need to drop down the hole and land on the pots hanging from the ceiling. There is a wooden platform toward the bottom that has a chest which contains the pot.

Standing on the pot you need to reach to get to the hefty cracked pot

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As you drop down the pots, look for the one with the body hanging from it (it will be the fifth pot you land on). Look over the side to spot a pot a bit further down. You can land on this and then jump to the wooden structure nearby.

Hefty Cracked Pot 2

This Hefty Cracked Pot is in the maze of large jars. The easiest way to find it is to get to the end of the maze where the iron gate leads down a set of stairs. The maze itself is near the gigantic jar altar (you can drop down to it safely, even though it’s quite a fall).

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Now, once you reach the exit of the maze, turn around and face the maze. Go over the jar ramp on the left (you’ll see the item on the four jars in front of you).

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Go through the gap on the left of the jars and run to the wall. Turn right, keeping the wall on your left-side. On your right will be another bunch of jars knocked over forming a ramp.

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Go up the ramp and then jump across the gap to claim your jar. You'll be facing back at the ramp you jumped over near the exit. Jump back over it to position yourself in the correct spot to find the next jar.

Hefty Cracked Pot 3

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There is another Hefty Cracked Pot in the maze of large jars. As before, start at the exit and go over the jar ramp on your left. This time, go to the right of the large pots and through the gap.

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Look for the next ramp of jars. It's down the little alley between the jars. 

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Climb up the ramp of jars and then run to the wall toward the north. Turn right (keep the wall on your left shoulder) and run to the end to find another jar ramp. Climb on up to get your reward.

Hefty Cracked Pot 4

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Map showing the location of the Hefty Cracked Pot

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Another Hefty Cracked Pot is found on the southern peninsula, south of the Cerulean Coast. You can reach this area via the Dragon’s Pit dungeon. It’s a bit of a hike and you’ll be fighting some tough foes to get through, but if you want it early on it’s definitely possible. There’s actually a giant tossing pots at you, defeating him drops the Hefty Cracked Pot.

Unlocking the Hefty Cracked Pots is going to take a bit of work, especially as the Shadow Realm is a twisted knot of pathways, cliffs, and hidden routes. Once you do have them, you’ll be able to craft some huge throwables, provided you’ve found the Greater Potentate Cookbooks. Take a look at our Elden Ring Strategy Guide for more help.

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