How to talk to the woman in the storeroom in Belurat - Elden Ring

Where to find the storeroom in Belurat, how to speak with the crying woman, and what she gives you in Shadow of the Erdtree.


Belurat is a new area in Elden Ring found in the Shadow of the Erdtree realm. Within this small city to the west is a storeroom with a Hornsent woman. Here’s how to speak with her, what she offers you, and even where to find the storeroom key if you’re missing it.

Storeroom location & key

The player stands at the Small Private Altar Site of Grace
Start at the Small Private Altar Site of Grace.
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The easiest way to get the storeroom key is to start at the Small Private Altar Site of Grace in Belurat. Go through the door, up the stairs on the right (north), and defeat the dual sword Horned Warrior.

The player stands looking at stairs, an arrow points down an alley
Defeat the knight, go up the stairs, and head down the alley.
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The player stands in a waterfall, an arrow points to a door
Look for the doorway on the right. Climb the ladder inside and grab the key from the corpse.
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Go up the stairs and then head down the alleyway on your right (northeast). Clear out the shadowy warriors as you go. At the end will be a waterfall and a door on the right. Go inside, climb the ladder, and grab the key off of the body.

The player stands at the Small Private Altar Site of Grace looking toward the storeroom
Go back to the Small Private Altar and go through the door to find the storeroom along the balcony.
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The storeroom in Belurat is found via the Small Private Altar Site of Grace. From the Site of Grace, go through the doorway and then through the south doorway. Defeat the two shadow soldiers and look for the locked door just beyond them. The storeroom key will unlock it.

How to speak to the Hornsent woman

The player is wearing the Divine Beast Head dropped by the boss
Equip the Divine Beast Head and speak to the woman to get Watchful Spirit.
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To speak with the Hornsent woman you must equip the Divine Beast Head that is dropped by the area boss, the Dancing Lion. Defeat the boss, equip the helmet, and then speak with the woman. She will gift you the Incantation, Watchful Spirit.

The Watchful Spirit summons a guardian spirit above the caster’s head. The spirit will stay close and conjure several apparitions before disappearing. You’ll need 26 Faith to cast this spell. If you return and speak with her again, she will give you Scorpion Stew, which boosts physical damage negation temporarily and gradually restores HP.

Unlocking the storeroom and speaking with the Hornsent woman is going to take a bit of work. You’ll need to find a key as well as defeat the Dancing Lion boss. To make all of this a bit easier, learn how to deal more damage and take more hits in Elden Ring’s tough expansion, Shadow of the Erdtree.

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