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Wondering why everything does so much damage and you do so little in Shadow of the Erdtree for Elden Ring? Here's how to fix that.


The first time you step foot into the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion, you’re probably going to get absolutely wrecked. Enemies hit hard and you seem to do very little damage. Even if you’re stats are maxed, you’re still going to be weak. This is because the expansion uses its own level-up system that is completely separate to the base game.

How to deal more damage & take more hits

Shadow of the Erdtree uses a new upgrade system called Scadutree Fragments to increase your defenses and your attacks. Look for Miquell’s Crosses, as there is usually one or two of these collectibles right near them. You can then use them at a Site of Grace to level up your attack power and defenses via the Shadow Realm Blessing.

The player sits at a Site of Grace, the Shadow Realm Blessing option highlighted
Find Scadutree Fragments and use them in the Shadow Realm Blessing option while at a Site of Grace.
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The Scadutree Fragments are a level up mechanic that is only active while in the Shadow of the Erdtree realm. When you slip back to the Lands Between, your gained attack power and defenses will be deactivated (they’ll turn back on when you go back to the expansion area). You can tell that the Scadutree Fragment buffs are active by looking at the status screen: all of your attacks will be highlighted in gold.

The status screen in Elden Ring showing golden stats
Your Attack Power and Defenses will be golden when in the expansion area.
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This upgrade system basically allows players of various skill levels to engage with the expansion. It doesn’t matter if you’re level 50 or 150, you’re going to have a tough time without the upgrade materials. However, there are certain advantages to having a higher level, specifically with stats like Vigor and Endurance.

Another upgrade material is called Revered Spirit Ash Blessings. These are used in the exact same way but will instead buff your Spirit Ashes. Enjoy using that juiced up Mimic Tear throughout the Shadow Realm.

So what should you do? Basically, spend the first few hours just familiarizing yourself with the area and hunting down any Scadutree Fragments you can find. If you make your way to the Three-Path Cross Site of Grace, a fella there will give you a map of where to find some of Miquella’s Crosses. Now, if you need more help, you can find it over on our Elden Ring Strategy Guide.

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