Where to find the well in Belurat - Elden Ring

Where to find the Well Depths Key for Belurat and the well it unlocks in Elden Ring.


The town of Belurat in the Shadow of the Erdtree is a twisted maze of alleyways and strong foes. There’s also a subterranean area accessed via a well, but you’ll need the Well Depths Key to unlock it. On top of this, there’s so much happening in Elden Ring that you could forget where the well is located.

Belurat Well Depths Key location

The player looking over the town of Belurat at the well key location
I'm standing at the Stagefront Site of Grace looking down a thte route to take to reach the key.
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The Belurat Well Depths Key is inside the building that has purple rugs draped over it with birds perched on the roof. The easiest route to get here (assuming you don’t have any shortcuts unlocked) is to start at the Stagefront Site of Grace near the Dancing Lion boss.

Arrows point down and away from the Stagefront Site of Grace
Go down the spiral stairs and the next set further below.
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An arrow points toward a bridge section
Cross the bridge at the end of the street and then turn right.
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Go down the stairs and into the building with the spiral staircase. Go down and out through the door toward the tree. Continue along the path and cross the bridge on your right (the one with the pots hanging from the roof).

The player stands looking at a bird on a roof
Drop over corner of the roof and through the hole. The key is on a body in the room.
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Take a right and then look over the crumbled railing to see the purple rugs with golden trim on the roof. In the corner is a place where you can drop down into a room with two shadow people. The Well Depths Key is on the corpse.

Well location

The player stands at the Smalle Private Altar Site of Grace
Go down the stairs and through the door.
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The well in Belurat is located in the lower streets accessed from the Small Private Altar Site of Grace. From the Grace, go down the stairs and out into the street. Proceed down the next stairs and go to the far end by the fountain. To the left of the fountain is the well.

An arrow points down the street toward the well
There is a fountain in the distance, obscured by fog.
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An arrow points down into a well
The well is right by the fountain at the end of the street.
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Climb down the ladder, unlock the door, and proceed through the tunnel. This will spit you out in the poison-filled moat of Belurat. To your left will be a miniboss enemy and to your right will be plenty of bug-people for you to kill. Enjoy!

While you’re searching Belurat, make sure you find the storeroom key and speak with the Hornsent woman. Once you’ve done all that, check out our Elden Ring Strategy Guide for more help with the DLC.

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