EVE Online: Equinox expansion launches new mining operations & ship skin tool

The long-teased Ship SKINR tool allows players to color their ships however they like and even share their designs with other players easily.

Image via CCP Games

EVE Online: Equinox marks the next major expansion in the sci-fi space MMORPG, and with it comes a multitude of fantastic features set to move stories forward throughout the game’s universe. Whether you’re digging into new options for mining and collecting planetary resources, delivering cargo with a formidable collection of defense-heavy transport vessels, or simply painting up your fleet with the long-awaited custom Ship SKINR tool, this update has a little something most fans should be able enjoy.

CCP Games launched EVE Online: Equinox today with a press release and trailer sharing the final details of the big expansion. Starting this week, players can venture into new Nullsec Colony Operations, including the creation of Upwell structures like orbital skyhook and Metenox moon drill, which can extract planetary resources as you aim to defend sovereign space against rowdy threats such as the pirates that were released on the Havoc expansion. If you’ve got the cash, you can upgrade your transport operations with Upwell ships ranging from the entry-level Squall to the bristling Avalanche, which has enough hardpoints to act as a proper combatant in a pinch while still holding a wealth of cargo.

You can also make any ship look exactly the way you want them with new paint jobs thanks to the EVE Online Ship SKINR tool. This has been teased by CCP Games for a long time and players have been anxiously awaiting its arrival. As of EVE Online: Equinox, the SKINR tool is here, allowing players to create and share ship paint jobs easily in the game. Creating a paint job allows you to create a code that can be given to other players for their own ships, so the SKINR tool allows everything from individual expression to entire faction uniformity, and everything in between.

With EVE Online: Equinox having launched, stay tuned for the next big thing from CCP Games. We’ll share new EVE Online updates and coverage as it happens, right here at Shacknews.

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