EVE Online: Havoc expansion announced at EVE Fanfest 2023

The next major chapter of EVE Online will have the EVE players siding with pirates to sow chaos or empires to put them down across the star systems.

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With EVE Online having been running for over 20 years, EVE Fanfest 2023 was the perfect time to introduce players and fans to the next big chapter of the main game, and CCP Games did just that with the reveal of the Havoc expansion. EVE Online: Havoc spices up the goings on of the EVE universe, bringing new space pirate shenanigans to the star systems across New Eden. Will you side with the pirates and engage in bringing chaos and corruption to the galaxy or will you side with the empires in putting the pirates and their insurgencies down. Either way, new features and rewards await players no matter what side they choose in the upcoming battles as Havoc prepares for launch in November 2023.

CCP Games revealed the EVE Online: Havoc expansion during the events of EVE Fanfest 2023. It was there that we got a major look at the next chapter of the game. Havoc sees players receive an invitation from an enigmatic pirate leader known as the Deathless to discover and explore a mysterious new star system, Zarzakh. However, once there, players will find the Angel Cartel and Guristas pirate factions have already established bases of operation, recruiting EVE Capsuleers to spread corruption and carry out insurgencies against the empires of New Eden.

Gameplay-wise, players will make a choice: Do they align with the pirates or the empires? Either way will set them in opposition to the other and on the path to unique rewards. By corrupting star systems with the pirates, players can gain new rewards and access to faction-aligned storefronts. With the empires, players will be able to stunt the tides of corruption and gain access to their own unique benefits. Additionally Corporation Projects have been reworked for Havoc, allowing Corporation Leaders to manage and reward their members via the new Corporation Project Manager role. This allows for new project types across a larger variety of activities.

Finally, Havoc brings new ships into play. The Angel Titan is one of the marquee new inclusions, but there are also new factional Battlecruisers and Destroyers to discover, as well as new customization options and quality-of-life improvements to the overall game.

The EVE Online: Havoc expansion will come to the game on November 14, 2023. Stay tuned for more info on on the expansion, as well as other coverage from EVE Fanfest, right here at Shacknews.

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