GameStop (GME) reported a $14 million cash flow increase in Q3 2023

GameStop may not have beat revenue estimates or had a conference call in Q3, but it seems to have more cash to work with as of the recent quarter.

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With GameStop having released its earnings results for the Q3 2023 fiscal quarter, one of the more interesting stats to come out of those results was its increased cash flow. The company posted a $14 million USD cash flow increase for the recent quarter, signifying that GameStop grew its liquidity in Q3 despite any and all other issues it faces.

GameStop reported the $14 million cash flow increase in its Q3 2023 earnings results this week. That increase was a massive change from just a year ago in Q3 2022, in which the company reported a loss in cash flow of $97.5 million. This quarter marks a notable increase in liquidity for GameStop, which allows the company to stay afloat and make further investments in the transformation of its business. It has been undertaking numerous ventures in that capacity since its stock skyrocketed in early 2021.

GameStop (GME) Q3 2023 earnings results page regarding Condensed Consolidated Statements of Cash Flows in millions USD
GameStop (GME) Q3 2023 earnings results page regarding Consolidated Statements of Cash Flows and the reported $14 million USD increase in cash flow.
Source: GameStop

Despite a reported increase in cash flow for Q3 2023, GameStop’s recent fiscal quarter caused a bit of concern for investors. The company skipped a conference call for the third time in a row in Q3. It has not had an earnings results conference call since Ryan Cohen was appointed Executive Chairman at the beginning of GameStop’s fiscal year. Even so, GameStop also ended Q3 2023 with $1.2095 billion in cash and marketable securities, of which that $14 million increase plays a part.

GameStop (GME) stock as of December 6, 2023 at 4:42 p.m. ET.
GameStop (GME) stock jumped up and down in afterhours trading following the release of its Q3 2023 earnings results this week.
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GameStop has made some bets and lost following the jolt of life the stock boom gave it, but the company remains an interesting one to watch, if even just because it manages to keep enough cash on hand to pay off its debts and invest in new ventures. Stay tuned as we continue to report on GameStop, GME, and other company fiscal results as news drops.

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