Where to find Mol - Baldur's Gate 3

Track down your little Tiefling friend, Mol, in Baldur's Gate 3 as part of the Find Mol quest.


Mol is one savvy little scamp in Baldur’s Gate 3. This firecracker of a character is all about business, but shady business, and one of the longest running quests in the game involves finding her. Suitably called Find Mol, the quest will have you searching for this Tiefling from the start of Act 2 right up until part way through Act 3. Here’s where to find her and what it means for your adventure. Tread carefully, there are location names and references to events in Acts 1, 2, and 3 below.

Find Mol – Act 1

Mol speaks to some other people near the Druid Grove

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To begin with, you can meet Mol during Act 1 in the Druid Grove/Tiefling camp. She will have a little hideout full of other kids, and it’s possible to befriend her here early. If you help the refugees, you’ll find her outside the grove, preparing to leave with the adults. She’ll tell you about some wine she stole and how she plans to price gouge the adults when they run out. Don’t forget to find Halsin while you’re still in Act 1.

Find Mol – Act 2

A map of Last Light Inn showing Mol's location
At the start of Act 2 you will find Mol in the Last Light Inn. She will soon go missing and you'll get the quest, Find Mol.
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When you enter the Shadow-Cursed Lands of Act 2, you’ll find Mol in the Last Light Inn. It’s here where you will receive the quest, Find Mol. After an encounter with Isobel at the top of the inn, Mol will go missing and you’ll need to track her down.

As you progress through Act 2, you will learn of Moonrise Towers and the quest will suggest you search for her there. It’s possible to find Mol’s eyepatch in Balthazar’s Necrotic Laboratory, which suggests she may be somewhere in the Mind Flayer Colony. But after defeating Kethric, it will become evident she’s not there and you may need to head to the city, Baldur’s Gate, to find her. Remember to solve the mind-brain connection puzzle while you’re down in the colony.

Find Mol – Act 3

A map of the Lower City showing the entrance to the Guildhall
Gain access to the Guildhall to finally Find Mol.
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After leaving Act 2 and entering Act 3, you’ll eventually make your way into the Lower City section of Baldur’s Gate. It’s here you will hear about Nine Fingers and meet a half-orc named Tusgront hanging out in an alleyway to the south. You’ll have a few different options available when talking with them and succeeding will grant you access to the Guildhall. It is here you’ll find Mol and complete the quest.

For those that solve the blood circle puzzle and enter the House of Hope in the north of the Lower City, it’s possible to find Mol’s contract and bring it to her. However, do not tell her you killed the big bad of that area. Keep that information a secret and she’ll offer her assistance for the Gather Your Allies quest.

Mol is one of those characters you’ll want to take care of as you progress through Baldur’s Gate 3. This spunky Tiefling is going places and having her on your side when it comes to the climax of the game will certainly be helpful. Take a look at our Baldur’s Gate 3 Guide for more help with quests and mechanics.

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