How to solve the mind-brain connection puzzle - Baldur's Gate 3

Complete the mind-brain connection puzzle in the Necrotic Laboratory of the Mind Flayer Colony to learn more about the Illithid.


As you explore the Mind Flayer Colony beneath Moonrise Towers you will eventually come across a mind-brain connection puzzle. This is a three-dimensional puzzle that will test your ability to create a neural pathway. Solving the brain puzzle and you’ll be rewarded with some more insight into the Illithid.

Brain puzzle - Mind Flayer Colony

Beneath Moonrise Towers is a Mind Flayer Colony and within this area is a place called the Necrotic Laboratory. This place has what can only be described as a mind-brain connection puzzle. This puzzle has four starting icons, a series of pathways to nodes, and four finishing places on the far side. You can find the puzzle in the southeast of the map at the cardinal location: X: 736, Y: -113.

One angle of the brain puzzle in BG3

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Another angle of the brain puzzle in BG3

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The goal of the brain puzzle is to connect the starting icons to their finishing points. The difficulty is that a node can only be used by one icon path, meaning two icons can’t use the same node to crossover one another.

To solve it easily, move each pathway one node at a time, looking to see if a particular icon only has one option. If an icon can only move to one place, you know that’s where it must go. This process of elimination will ensure you’re always moving the energy along the correct path. The yellow icon goes down and then along the left, the purple icon goes along the top on the right, while the blue and green icons go two nodes along their side before crossing over to the other side.

A top-down view of the brain puzzle in BG3

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Once all four icons have traced their path across the nodes, the Flesh-Wrought Door will unlock. This door will grant you access to a stone relief that will tell you more about the Illithid. It’s certainly not a requirement to continue the main story, but it does shed more light on the war that everyone is fighting.

Solving the brain puzzle, or mind connection puzzle, in Baldur’s Gate 3 will take a bit of 3D spatial awareness. Cycle between all four pathways, moving each one a single node at a time, and you’ll eventually reach the end. Take a look at our Baldur’s Gate 3 Strategy Guide for more help with understanding this rich and complex game.

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