Devil's Fee blood circle puzzle - Baldur's Gate 3

How to solve Helsik's blood circle ritual puzzle in the Devil's Fee in Baldur's Gate 3 to access the House of Hope for the Orphic Hammer.


Players that want to gain access to the House of Hope will need to solve a pentagram-like puzzle in Baldur’s Gate 3. This puzzle takes place in the Devil’s Fee shop and sees players placing specific items in set points on a heptagram. Unless you have the hint book (and even if you do have it), solving the blood circle puzzle will be quite difficult. Here’s what items you need, where to find them, and where to place them on the blood ritual symbol.

Devil’s Fee – Accessing the top floor

In the Lower City of Baldur’s Gate is a shop called the Devil’s Fee. On the top floor of this shop is a heptagram blood circle that grants players entry into the House of Hope. This is part of the quest to secure the Orphic Hammer.

There are a couple of different methods to reach the top floor and solve the puzzle. You can sneak up the stairs at the back of the shop and pick the locks of the door and the chests inside. This will require you to have a few lockpicks and be able to hit some high ability checks on the chests. You will also need to pickpocket the grimoire from Helsik (assuming you don’t just place the items using the info below).

Helsik offers to sell the player the information for the blood circle
Helsik will offer to sell you the information. You have a couple of options and all of them result in you getting everything you need.
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Another method is to purchase the information from Helsik the shopkeeper. She will sell you the information for 2,000 gold. At this point you can bargain your way to a cheaper price or persuade her with a tantalizing offer: bring her one of Raphael’s artefacts.

If you choose to buy the information or trade an artefact, Helsik will give you all the information you require and the items. You’ll walk away with the grimoire, a pouch full of the ritual items, a note detailing the exact position of the items, and even a key to the upstairs door.

Devil’s Fee – Item locations

The Thirsty Ward in Devil's Fee being given water
Combine water with the Thirsty Ward to remove the hex on the ground.
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Those players that couldn’t persuade Helsik or don’t want to spend the gold, sneaking in is a valid strategy. At the top of the stairs you will find a trap on the ground. To disarm it, interact with the Thirsty Ward and combine water with it. Pick the locked door and then go inside.

A wooden casket with a skull inside

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A chest containing the Coin of Mammon

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The items you need to find are the Coin of Mammon, incense, a skull, a diamond, and infernal marble.

  • Coin of Mammon: In the small chest in Helsik’s room beside the bed
  • Incense: On the table near the message board
  • Skull: In the wooden casket near the red couch and bookcase
  • Diamond: In the chest near the study that has the skull on the desk
  • Infernal marble: In the chest by the door

Every chest will have a Sleight of Hand Ability Check of 20 that you will need to pass. If you have Shadowheart in your party, consider casting Enhance Ability if you’re struggling to clear the checks.

Devil’s Fee blood circle puzzle solution

The blood circle with the item locations labelled on the points
The solution to the blood circle puzzle in Devil's Fee. Helsik would be so proud.
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Of course the only way to visit the Hells in Baldur’s Gate 3 is to place objects in a ritualistic pentagram-like shape. With all the items either stolen or given to you by Helsik, you can begin placing them in the ritual blood circle on the top floor of Devil’s Fee. The item will ignite when placed in the correct spot. You can drop it and move it from spot-to-spot if you’re struggling.

The grimoire detailing where to place the items for the ritual
The grimoire offers cryptic instructions for completing the blood ritual circle and opening the portal to the House of Hope.
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The Grimoire offers the following guidance:

Blood Circle Configuration

Place that which has no eyes but used to see at the western point of the circle.
Two spaces lie opposite that point.
'Pon the left – place what is cut but cannot bleed.
To the right – that which smells but cannot sniff.
Beside the dead remains – the aspect of the Avariced Lord sits clockwise so.
Then the circle’s center shall receive the internal marvel of infernal marble.

Finally – and I mean no disrespect – go to hell.

Helsik's note detailing where to put the items in the blood circle
Helsik's notes are much more straightforward. 
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However, the note from Helsik is far more straightforward:

Place the skull on the star point near the altar.
Place the coin of Mammon to the next point to the right.
Counting clockwise, skip a point and place the diamond on the next one.
Place the incense on the point that follows the diamond.
Finally, place the Infernal Marble in the centre of the star.

To put it another way, place the skull on the point near the desk. The Coin of Mammon should go in the circle closest to the chest by the door to Helsik’s room. The diamond goes to the left of the Stuffed Owlbear Head and the incense goes to the right. Place the Infernal Marble right in the middle of the blood circle.

Once all the items are placed in the blood circle, the ritual will be completed and the portal to the House of Hope will be open. Your Guardian will be suggesting you do not do this, but you can safely ignore them if you want. However, be prepared that once you go in, you will very likely need to fight your way out, and it is not an easy fight. Only go in when you have done a full rest.

The Devil’s Fee blood circle ritual is a devilish puzzle in Baldur’s Gate 3. Those that want to access the House of Hope will need to crack the clues in the grimoire or gain the knowledge from Helsik. Even then, finding the items you need and learning where to place them might take a moment to work out. Be sure to check out our Baldur’s Gate 3 guide for more assistance with this huge game.

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