Skate Story & Anger Foot among games 'Devolver Delayed' to 2024

Five games in total were pushed back to 2024, but Devolver Digital looks to have plenty still lined up for later this year.

Devolver Digital

There's no good way to announce that a game is being delayed. That is, unless you're Devolver Digital, in which even game delay announcements can be an event. On Monday, the quirky indie publisher held a special Devolver Delayed Showcase and announced several games are being delayed to 2024. That sadly includes Skate Story and Anger Foot, two of the publisher's more anticipated titles.

The full list of games being delayed to 2024 are Skate Story, Anger Foot, The Plucky Squire, Stick It to the Stickman, and Pepper Grinder. Of these five games, only Pepper Grinder was acknowledged as having been previously dated for 2023. While it's disappointing that these games will miss 2023, this was certainly a novel way to announce a delay, so it's another "A" for effort for Devolver.

Skate Story first landed on our radars when it was first announced in June 2022. It's a uniquely colorful tale of a skateboarder trapped in the underworld, whose only hope of escape lies in his skateboarding skills. Anger Foot was also revealed in June 2022 and is a first-person shooter where the player's greatest weapon is a powerful thrust kick. A free playable demo is currently available on Steam.

Anger Foot has been delayed to 2024
Anger Foot from developer Free Lives
Source: Devolver Digital

In an effort to soften the blow of these delays, Devolver concluded its showcase with a list of games that are still set to make their 2023 release windows. These include Gunbrella, Wizard with a Gun, the long-awaited The Talos Principle 2, and Karmazoo. The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood was also shown, which is set to release next week on PC. Those saddened by the delay of Free Lives' Anger Foot and Stick It to the Stickman can take heart in knowing that the team will be releasing Broforce DLC later this month.

If we at Shacknews are being honest, we thought Devolver Digital's annual June presentation was a bit of a misfire this year, but this Devolver Delayed Showcase was a delight. We're sad to see games like Skate Story and Anger Foot fall to next year, but this was the best way to let people down. We'll continue to look out for the latest from Devolver Digital here at Shacknews, so keep it here for any further updates.

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