Anger Foot is a delightfully chaotic foot-person-shooter

Smash your way through doors and enemies with your foot, or shoot them and kick their corpse at other foes in the must-play demo for Anger Foot.


The beat of the music pulses as I swiftly (but not stealthily) make my way through cramped, trash-filled corridors, kicking my foot at anything and everything I find from doors and sofas to beer kegs and even a shopping cart. I know that behind many of the doors I’m smashing through enemies may lie in wait for me, eager to put a stop to my terrifying reign of foot-based terror.

Anger Foot lets you kick more than enemies, it also lets you kick objects from boxes and chairs to beer bottles and glass bongs.

Unfortunately, they’re no match for me and my angry foot. Well… mostly. There were times when I perished, and during those times enemies would be shown moving and grooving to the music near my corpse, obviously stoked at having stopped me from putting my foot through their face. Little do they know, I can restart the level as many times as I like until I’m successful.

They can’t stop this foot, no one can stop this foot.

Enemies will dance by your corpse when they kill you, gloating over their victory.
Enemies will dance by your corpse when they kill you, gloating over their victory.

Of course, Anger Foot isn’t exclusively about kicking things as I was able to acquire a gun and shoot enemies, and even throw my gun at them for good measure once the magazine is empty. Using the gun in conjunction with the game’s powerful kick mechanic definitely helps when it comes to taking more enemies out, thereby mitigating the risk of getting shot at.

Landing a hit by throwing your empty gun at an enemy will also stun them, as anyone would be after being hit in the face with one I’m sure, and this can be incredibly useful in not being overwhelmed when multiple enemies are charging forward at you. Still, the game is at its most delightful when sticking exclusively with… uh, foot-to-foe combat?

The gameplay of Anger Foot offers both action-packed chaos, and clever strategy.

It did make things a lot harder for me as I progressed through the game’s levels and enemies started shooting at me outside the range of my foot, but it’s nevertheless worth that added degree of challenge in my opinion because when it comes to a game like Anger Foot, it’s hard to not want to use every ounce of foot aggression that’s provided.

As chaotic as Anger Foot’s core gameplay is, there’s a nice element of structure and strategy to it that helps add to the experience. For example, I was able to go back and challenge myself to beat the time it took me to get through a stage, and I was able to pick up helpful, interesting items in each level like an energy drink that increases the speed my character moves at to do so.

You can kill enemies on the toilet, and they can kill you... also while on the toilet.

A great amount of attention to detail, specifically in the humor department, can be found in Anger Foot that almost anyone playing the game will appreciate. A good example is being able to eliminate enemies while they’re on the toilet, or vice versa. I actually had an enemy shoot and kill me while hidden, on the toilet, in a random corner.

It both surprised me and made me laugh out loud, and that’s the running theme with Anger Foot honestly. The game has as many surprises as it does objects you can kick, and is certainly going to be one to watch.

So, if you’re looking for a new FPS to play (foot-person-shooter), you owe it to yourself to give Anger Foot a try. The demo is available for the low, low price of free as part of the Steam Next Fest.

If you love the game as much as I did once you play it, don’t forget to wishlist Anger Foot on Steam. That way, you’ll be able to stay up-to-date on the game's upcoming release, which is currently set for sometime in 2023.

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