Diablo 4 was Twitch's most-viewed game by more than 60 million hours in June

StreamElements State of the Stream June 2023 report shows Diablo 4 had a staggering 156 million hours viewed on Twitch last month.

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There was little doubt that Diablo 4 was the game dominating conversations and attention in June 2023 when it launched, but StreamElements’ State of the Stream report for the month of June confirms it. The game topped Twitch viewing charts by a massive margin, garnering 156 million hours worth of viewing for the month. It was more than 60 million hours up over the nearest competing game and was only topped by the always-active Just Chatting category.

StreamElements released its June 2023 State of the Stream report with data from its analytics partner at Rainmaker.gg on July 28, 2023. According to the latest report, Diablo 4 absolutely dominated game viewership on Twitch for June 2023. Where it had a pretty good showing in months where the beta was in play, the game’s launch in June saw a meteoric rise in attention and eyes on the game for nearly the entirety of the month. Diablo 4 viewership on Steam came out to 156 million hours. The closest competitor was League of Legends and it came in at 94 million hours, about 62 million hours behind Diablo.

StreamElements June 2023 State of the Stream Twitch Top 10 featuring Diablo 4 with 156 million hours viewed.
If not for Just Chatting, Diablo 4 would have taken the top viewed spot on Twtich's Top 10 for June by a landslide.
Source: StreamElements

Diablo 4 has had a rollercoaster ride of good and bad will from players since it launched. There’s little doubt that its dungeon loot grind formula still works and is addictive, but the live-service elements of the game have caused more than a few issues. Hardcore runs over hundreds of hours have been wiped by server issues, buffs and nerfs have thrown player-favorite builds into chaos, and some equipment just failed to spawn at all. Even so, it didn’t stop players from clocking over 700 million hours into the game in June as well.

With this in mind, for better or worse, it’s easy to see how eyes have stayed on Diablo 4. And with such a strong showing in June’s State of the Stream, it will be interesting to see if Diablo 4 can keep that steam going in following months. Stay tuned for more StreamElements State of the Stream reporting as it drops.

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