Weekend Discussion - February 25, 2023

What a week in gaming news! Let's talk about it all and some other fun stuff in fresh Weekend Discussion!


Well folks, I know it's been awhile but I'm back with a special edition of Weekend Discussion! This is the last weekend of Black History Month and it's been quite a banger. We've had big news drop the past few days and some great looks at upcoming games this week so let's dive into it all!

Street Fighter 6 has reached levels of hype that may have it surpass previously loved games in the franchise like Street Fighter 4. Capcom is clearly confident as well, as proven by their recent announcement that there will be a 2 million dollar prize pool for Capcom Cup's 10th anniversary.

The new trailer from Sony's State of Play showcase also really shows how much attention to detail and love for the characters has been pumped into the product. Cammy's new look is a winner. This latest reveal also means the complete Day One SF6 roster is officially revealed.Who are you planning to play with first?

Take a look at Zangief, Lily, and Cammy in the full trailer below.

Capcom also wasn't done though, as we got a brand new trailer for RE4 and this one shows a bit of pretty much everything. The developers are clearly being very faithful to the original game but there is a level of detail applied to the visuals and gameplay mechanics that has me excited to get my hands on the title. Speaking of being hands-on, there's also a demo for this highly anticipated game coming soon.

Watch the full video and let me know what you think in the comments!

I also want to show some love up to Strange Scaffold and their upcoming game El Paso, Elsewhere. I caught a look at the short trailer earlier this week and it honestly looks pretty awesome. I'm really diggin' the neo-noir vibe and atmosphere they are creating with this one. They also announced that the game is heading to Xbox as well. Even more ways to play on release is always a good thing.

Give the trailer a watch and let me know what you think.

PlayStation VR2 is also out now and our own TJ Denzer has had some solid hands-on time with the device. I really appreciated his review and as an owner of the Meta Quest 2, I think he also provides some solid context for folks wondering how both VR devices hold up. Check out his full review here and catch a unboxing video below.

Greg Burke also took a trip out to California this week to check out the Mushroom Kingdom at the new Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios Hollywood. There's ton of quality videos on our YouTube channel now and I think the POV vids are definitely worth checking out. Take a look at this 4K tour video below.

And now...more from the Internet

Today is the anniversary of the Shacknews 2022 Game of the Year, Elden Ring! I love Soulsborne games and Elden Ring hit plenty of sweet spots. A full year later and folks have gotten pretty creative with the game. Here's a solid example of what I mean in this clip from NuggySouls.

I love some of the fan art that's come out for the game as well. This Ranni art looks amazing! 


PaRappa always has a soft spot in my heart. I love when a simple cosplay can capture the spirit of the character. 

I didn't get to talk about how much I enjoyed the Netflix show Wednesday so here's a dope cosplay to make up for it.

I had to show a bit more love to the awesome Black cosplayers out there. Make sure to check out the #28DaysofBlackCosplay hashtag as well. This Sheik look is dope!

If you haven't seen Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur on Disney Plus yet, it's totally worth your time. The style of the animation is fantastic and I'm glad something so different made it onto a major platform.

KeKe Palmer is officially streaming on Twitch lately and I really hopes she throws hands like this in Tekken 8. 

Somebody actually made the Big Red Boots work. Would you rock this look? Be honest.

Weekend Vibes

New Weezy in 2023? Sounds like the man is ready to make moves and it was refreshing hearing solid bars with no autotune. Rest in Peace to DMX. We are in some wild times! 

Kelala dropped a new album this month called Raven and it's certainly a vibe. I've been really enjoying the visuals and her newest vid definitly doesn't dissapoint. 

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Thank you all for reading this article, and if you enjoyed any part of what I presented here, feel free to tell me what you liked in the comments. Have a great weekend and take a moment to consider trying out our free Shackpets app if you have a cute pet and want to show them off in battle.

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