How to get the Forerunner Exotic catalyst - Destiny 2

Grab the Anomalous Access Card and smash through Magnum Opus 2 and you'll walk away with the Forerunner catalyst.


Destiny 2 has a lot of Exotic catalysts, but one of the most powerful is the one for Forerunner. The Forerunner Exotic catalyst can turn part of the ammo into an extra grenade, which is great for damage, or just clearing enemies. The first problem will be actually acquiring the thing.

How to get the Forerunner Exotic catalyst

Xur giving the Anomalous Access Card for reaching Rank 16

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The Forerunner Exotic catalyst is unlocked in Destiny 2 by completing the Magnum Opus 2 quest. This quest is awarded by leveling up Xur’s Strange Favor to Rank 16 and claiming the Anomalous Access Card. When you have the card, you will automatically get the quest – easy! Obviously, make sure you’ve unlocked Forerunner first.

Now, the actual challenge is leveling up Xur to Rank 16 in the first place. This is a long and arduous road, requiring roughly 70 or more runs of Dares of Eternity. The best way to do this is to just grind it out. The more Dares you play in a row, the higher your points per clear will be. If you can hit and stay on the 5 Streak, then you’ll be earning the most you possibly can.

Magnum Opus 2

As for the Magnum Opus 2 quest, the main hurdle is actually getting this quest, as this thing only has two parts and is rather easy. Unfortunately, though it is easy you may need to rely on LFGs or some other group-finding system.

Step 1: Score 225,000 points in Dares of Eternity

Magnum Opus 2 quest step 1

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The first step is to complete one Dares of Eternity run with a score of 225,000. Now, this is easy to get every time on the Legend version, but that does not have matchmaking. This means you will need to bring your own Fireteam. You can do this by playing with friends or using an LFG system to find people who want to run it.

Alternatively, you can play the normal version and hope you get one of the rare bonus rounds. These rounds offer a lot more enemies to defeat and as such result in the score being quite high.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the stat boosts that appear throughout each round add to the point total. Try and collect as many of these as possible. They are also present in several of the jumping puzzles.

Step 2: Visit Banshee-44

Forerunner with the Exotic catalyst

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The last step is to visit Banshee-44, the Gunsmith, in the Tower. Go and chat to him to acquire the Forerunner Exotic catalyst. All that’s left to do now is charge it up by getting kills with the weapon. As usual, use Wish 4 and farm the enemies in the Shuro Chi encounter to get this done the fastest way.

The Forerunner Exotic catalyst lets you turn some of the gun’s ammo into a fragmentation grenade. Not only does this Sidearm handle like the pistol from Halo: Combat Evolved, it will even let you toss those mini nukes around like Master Chief himself. Be sure to read over our guide on all Exotic catalysts in the game so you can unlock more and then our Destiny 2 strategy guide for coverage of the entire game.

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