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Ooblets Switch & Version 1.0 release dates set for September 2022

The critter collecting life simulation game from Glumberland officially has a release date for its arrival on Switch and exit from early access.


Ooblets has been a delightful treat for early access players since it first arrived on the Epic Games Store in early access back in 2020. Flash forward a couple years and the game is finally set to have its official 1.0 release. Additionally, it’s coming to Nintendo Switch too. While we only had a release window for both of these things before, it’s not confirmed exactly when they’ll be arriving. Ooblets’ 1.0 and Nintendo Switch launches are officially set for the beginning of September.

Ooblets developer Glumberland announced the official release dates for the game’s Version 1.0 and Switch editions via the Ooblets Twitter on August 18, 2022. According to the announcement, Ooblets will launch on Nintendo Switch and simultaneously come out of early access on PC on September 1, 2022. There’s even a discount on the game for pre-order on Switch, allowing pre-order purchasers to pick it up for $19.99 USD instead of the regular $29.99 price at which it will retail.

An ad for Ooblets getting its Version 1.0 release and coming to Nintendo Switch on September 1, 2022.
Glumberland has confirmed that Ooblets is coming to Nintendo Switch and getting its official Version 1.0 launch on September 1, 2022.
Source: Twitter

Ooblets has been a relaxing delight since the game came to early access back in 2020. It features a village in which players can farm, play, and collect little critters called Ooblets. You can also engage in various quests with the townsfolk to get rewards such as resources and access to rarer Ooblet variants. Ooblets doesn’t have battles perse, but you can have your Ooblets engage in battle-like dance offs to get stronger and make your collection more formidable. All of these things and more made it a delight to play when we first checked it out on Indie-lcious.

With the Version 1.0 and Nintendo Switch edition of Ooblets confirmed and set for September 1, players won’t be waiting much longer to enjoy the full intended experience of everything Ooblets has to offer. Stay tuned for more news leading up to the game’s launch, as well as post-launch updates.

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