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How to level up - Elden Ring

Learn how to unlock the ability to level up in Elden Ring.


When you first start Elden Ring, it’s not going to be obvious how to level up. You’ll exit the Stranded Graveyard and be sent on your way, with no clear way to improve your character. Even if you do make it to a Site of Grace, it won’t let you level up, unless you meet a few prerequisites.

How to level up

elden ring gatehouse site of grace level up
Head to the Site of Grace circled here to receive a visit from Melina. Accept her offer and you will be able to level up.

In order to level up in Elden Ring, you must meet Melina and accept her offer. To do this, make your way to the Gatehouse Site of Grace, which is northeast of the Stranded Graveyard, near an encampment of soldiers.

When you rest at the Site of Grace, Melina will show up. Accept Melina’s offer to be able to level up. If you do not accept her offer, you will not be able to level up. Don’t worry if you accidentally refuse: just select the option when resting at the Site of Grace to talk to Melina and you can accept.

elden ring how to level up
You don't need to go to the Gatehouse, but it's along the main path. Once you accept Melina's offer, you can level up at any Site of Grace.

You don’t necessarily need to go to the Gatehouse Site of Grace to meet Melina. In fact, she can appear at others. The benefit of using the Gatehouse one is that it is along the main path. When you speak with Melina, you will also acquire Torrent, the spectral steed. We’ve got a handy guide for the controls and PC keybindings for Elden Ring if you’re having difficulty summoning him or even two-handing your weapon.

Once you have the ability to level up, you should begin focusing on improving the areas that make sense for your build. Sorcerers will want to focus on Intelligence and Arcane, archers and other fancy-melee weapons will want Dexterity, while a great stat for all players is Vigor, as that increases your health. No matter what you choose to level up, make sure you’re doing it often. You will also want to upgrade your Sacred Flask so you can heal more during combat. For more help, check out our Elden Ring strategy guide.

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