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Weekend Discussion - January 15, 2022

It's a long holiday weekend and we're kicking it off with another fine Weekend Discussion.


Welcome to the weekend, Shackers. MLK is Monday, so we’re taking a long weekend here at Shacknews. Nonetheless, we’ve got a fine starting Weekend Discussion lined up for you tonight. Please enjoy!

Awesome Games Done Quick 2022 is still going strong!

There have been some absolutely amazing runs during this AGDQ 2022 event, including a blindfolded Sekiro run! There have also been Dark Souls races, a chase for all unique weapons in Fallout: New Vegas, and so much more. Currently donations are sitting at $2.7 million and change for this event, but there’s still time to go! Be sure to tune in, check out some excellent speedrunning, and donate if you can. Have you had a favorite run from the event?

Scream 2022 is out and it might be excellent?

One of the undisputed legends of modern horror franchises, Scream, has returned to theaters at long last with an opening on January 14, 2022. This has been a much anticipated return of the fantastic slasher series, and one that our resident fan Donovan Erskine went to see it immediately once it opened. He shared a recent Cortex post and video review in which he laid out his full initial reaction to the film. Spoilers, he really enjoyed it, and he hasn’t been alone in his enthusiasm. Are you seeing this one or will you wait to stream it from home?

Shackpets Update 1.03 is out in the wild, free on iOS and Android!

If somehow you missed it, we rolled out a very substantial update for Shackpets recently! Update 1.03 is now live on iOS and Android devices and with it comes a limiter on challenges for a single photo (to reduce spam), a new Latest Pets page so you can see the cool and cute new pet pics going up, and an improved Safe Mode so you can share the app with younger children without safety and content concerns. There are a few other fixes and balances as well. Have you had a chance to try the update? If not, be sure to update Shackpets and get in on the fun today!

In Case You Missed It

As always, we’ve got a wonderful array of content and stories coming out. This week included our impressions on the Nintendo Switch version of Astroneer, as well as a Shack Chat about our boldest gaming decisions. We also learned Sega has filed a trademark on several NFT ventures and Respawn may be working on a new single-player shooter that’s not Titanfall. The first Steam Decks are finally about to launch too. Keep an eye out!

And Now… More Stuff From the Internet!

To be honest, I would also go on a date with Leonardo DiCaprio if I got to watch Star Wars and him run around with a lightsaber like a goober, if only to share the story with my friends later. Seems he’s living his best life though!

Would you watch Sentai Doomguy? I would. Protect those bunnies from the evils of the universe and other dimensions!

The amount of holy heck the player in the top car must have felt when he got carried to first place can likely only be matched by how upset the lower car driver was to lose that way. Incredible strategy.

Are you ever so happy you could just kick a tree and fart on a dog? This video has been going around a lot on the Twitterverse recently and it really is just the silliest little clip of a slap-happy horse.

Hey look, who hasn’t ever blow air in cold weather and pretended they were a dragon, smoker, or smoking dragon. Don’t knock it till you try it at any age. Just don’t forget to keep your head in the game, Jones.

And there you have it, your first Weekend Discussion. As shared above, don’t forget to check out the freshly improved Shackpets on Android or iOS, and also remember that you can support us on Shacknews Mercury for as little as a dollar a month. We sure would appreciate it and we’ll show it by sharing things like upcoming Shackpet contender photos of my pupper, Flaff! Challenge her if you dare.

Silo is a mighty cute contender on Shackpets and you can challenge her there!

What are you up to on this long weekend? Let us know in the Shacknews Chatty comment section below, and be sure to have a great weekend, Shackers!

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