Fall Guys Season 6 launches next week with Ghost of Tsushima costumes

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout heads to the Blunderdome for Season 6 with new games, new rewards, and some new costumes for a first-party PlayStation hit.


While the U.S. is heading into the Thanksgiving weekend, there looks to be a lot to get excited about after the holiday is over. On the list is the new season for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, which looks to get underway next week. Players can get stoked for new games and rewards, but also some new costumes, including some that should get the attention of Ghost of Tsushima fans.

Fall Guys' Season 6 will invite players into the Blunderdome, where players can dive into five new rounds, earn 25 new costumes, and compete for 50 tiers of rewards. Among the costumes available are new ones themed around 2020 hit Ghost of Tsushima.

Here are the five new rounds players can expect to see:

  • Party Promenade: This is a new gauntlet that features new obstacles, including vacuum tubes, water balloon cannons, and trapeze bars.
  • Full Tilt: This is a remixed version of the original, which now features 360 degree see-saws, force fields, and rapidly rotating bars.
  • Pipe Dream: This is a maze with each session offering a different layout. New obstacles await behind each vacuum tube.
  • Airtime: The object here is to stay in the air as long as possible with the aid of trapeze bars.
  • Leading Light: Players will seek out the spotlight, making sure to navigate various obstacles along the way.

Lead Game Designer Joe Walsh also revealed during the Fall Guys Season 6 Reveal Stream that the new update will feature a long-requested feature. Fall Guys is about to get cross-progression between PC and PlayStation. This will require an Epic login, stemming from the Epic Games acquisition earlier this year, so make sure that's up to date. Interestingly, there's no word on Fall Guys' previously-announced Xbox and Nintendo Switch versions, both of which were estimated to release this year.

Fall Guys Season 6 is set to launch on Tuesday, November 30. With the fun in Mediatonic's party game set to continue for the foreseeable future, we'll be waiting for the latest announcements, so keep it on Shacknews for more updates.

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