Where to find Parashrooms - Monster Hunter Rise

Learn the locations where Parashrooms grow so you can start a farming route in Monster Hunter Rise.


Parashrooms are a vital ingredient in Monster Hunter Rise. Players that want to start making Tranq Bombs to put monsters to sleep and capture them will need to get a healthy supply. At the start of the game, Parashrooms can be hard to come by, unless you know exactly where to find them.

Where to find Parashroom

monster hunter rise parashroom

There are quite a few locations where Parashrooms can be found in Monster Hunter Rise. For those just starting, the best (and only) place to find them is going to be in the Shrine Ruins. There are three locations where Parashroom spawns, and unfortunately, they’re not very close to one another.

Shrine Ruins Parashrooms

monster hunter rise parashroom shrine ruins map

The three locations where Parashrooms spawn are spread out from one another. The best way to get around to these locations is to use the various shortcuts, such as the Great Wirebug ziplines. Remember to use your Palamute to get across the land quicker than running.

  • Area 4: On the rocky plateau between 4 and 1
  • Area 8: The walled-in area, tucked up against the rock at the back
  • Area 13: Down the river and up a series of ledges

The best farming route would be to start at Area 4, work your way up to Area 8, and then jump over the edge into Area 10 and over the edge again to Area 13. Alternatively, you can mix up the route by collecting the other ingredients needed for Tranq Bombs and the traps – such as the Sleep Herb and Ivy.

Before you start farming Parashrooms, set a timer as you pick up the first one for 4 minutes. Each resource should take only 4 minutes to regenerate, which should give you a good indication of when you can start your lap again. Keep an eye on the Canteen as you go out on these gathering missions as well. Sometimes there are Bunny Dango that reduce resource respawn time.

Now that you know where to get Parashrooms, you can focus on farming up a decent supply so you never have to worry about running out of Tranq Bombs. Be sure to stop by the Shacknews Monster Hunter Rise page for more farming tips.

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