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Marvel's Avengers November 19 War Table reveals what's next for Kate Bishop

Marvel's Avengers' first post-launch character looks to be around the corner, as we'll learn more about the Kate Bishop DLC this Thursday.


It hasn't been a great first few months for Marvel's Avengers. After a few weeks of buzz, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics' ambitions for post-release content hit a momentary snag. But everyone's looking to get back on track starting with a Thursday, November 19 edition of the Marvel's Avengers War Table, which will explain what's next for second Hawkeye Kate Bishop.

Not to be confused with classic Hawkeye Clint Barton, Kate Bishop was revealed back in September as Marvel's Avengers' first post-launch hero. The idea was to add a new hero with a new set of moves, as well as new story content that picks up where the end of the campaign left off. Unfortunately, that's when things started to go south for the game. In an effort to address a bug-filled online experience, Crystal Dynamics made the decision to push back the PS5 and Xbox Series X version of the game to 2021, as well as delay the Kate Bishop DLC to an unknown date.

The November 19 War Table, announced earlier today on Twitter, seems to indicate that Kate Bishop's arrival is near. Unfortunately, there appear to be much worse problems plaguing Marvel's Avengers at the moment. Player counts have cratered and there's not necessarily a guarantee that new content will bring any of those players back. Crystal Dynamics has expressed confidence that the player count will recover. And given that Black Friday and the Christmas holiday are around the corner, there's a chance that they might be right. Only time will tell whether Kate Bishop can help lead a potential Marvel's Avengers comeback story.

Shacknews will follow this story and report back on Thursday with any major announcements regarding Marvel's Avengers, the Kate Bishop DLC, and the future of the game as a whole. In the meantime,

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