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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate gets Minecraft's Zombie, Creeper, & Enderman alongside Steve

It looks like the Zombie and Enderman may be playable. Creeper is just going to blow up the Smash Bros. Ultimate roster in Steve's Final Smash.


It was an interesting day in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate reveals. Of all things players expected, the Minecraft crossover probably wasn’t very high on the list. But here we are and Minecraft’s Steve is the new character coming to the Smash Bros. Ultimate roster. He’s not showing up alone either. Besides having his female counterpart Alex as a swap out, iconic Minecraft creatures will also be part of the equation, including playable versions of the Zombie and Enderman, and the Creeper as part of Steve’s Final Smash.

Minecraft’s Steve was revealed as the new character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter Pass 2 in a new Smash DLC presentation on September 1, 2020. Steve is bringing all of the usual Minecraft things such as crafting polygonal weapons and using them to put the hurt on foes, but Steve wasn’t the only star of this DLC reveal. We also got a look at what could be his echo fighters in the form of his female counterpart Alex and two Minecraft creatures in the form of the Zombie and Enderman. We even got to see the explosive Creeper come into play in Steve’s Final Smash.

It seems pretty apparent that Alex, the Zombie, and the Enderman will be playable skins or Echo Fighters to Steve. The Creeper is probably relegated solely to Steve’s Final Smash, but it’s still great to see so much of the iconic Minecraft goods packed into one DLC update. As with every DLC character reveal, Steve also comes with new music and stages for his arrival. Of course, there’s still plenty of details we’re waiting to see, like what happens when Kirby swallows and absorbs Steve? Well, it looks like we’ll see new details soon enough as a follow-up presentation has been announced for October 3.

With Steve, Alex, Zombie, and Enderman coming to the game alongside other Minecraft goods, here’s hoping they have as much impact on the game as Min Min did. Stay tuned for the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate presentation on October 3 for more details about the characters!

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