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Star Wars: Squadrons trailer introduces Imperial squad leader

Meet one of the Imperial pilots who will play a big part in the upcoming Star Wars: Squadrons story.


Anybody who has watched the original Star Wars trilogy knows how the story goes by now. The Rebel Alliance prevails over the Imperial forces on Endor, Emperor Palpatine is defeated, peace returns to the galaxy, and the war is over, right? Well, the war isn't over for everybody. On Monday, EA and Motive released a CG trailer for Star Wars: Squadrons revealing that for one Imperial squad leader, the war is far from over.

Today's Star Wars: Squadrons trailer takes place after Episode VI with Imperial forces on the run after a surprise New Republic attack. Titan Squadron Leader Varko Grey is among the TIE pilots looking to return to his Star Destroyer to make an escape. Unfortunately, the Star Destroyer goes into hyperspace and leaves him behind. Grey is left alone to ward off a determined X-Wing and reaffirm that, for the remnants of the Empire, the war is not over.

The Star Wars: Squadrons story might ring a little familiar to those who have followed EA's recent efforts in the franchise. The whole "The war isn't over until we decide it is" and "We're getting revenge for our fallen Emperor" angle was already explored with the Star Wars Battlefront 2 campaign. Of course, the Squadrons gameplay premise is entirely new. This is the game that will see players jump into five-person squadron battles with dueling campaigns for each side of the fight. Ships will be taken right out of the Star Wars universe with multiplayer modes also available.

Star Wars: Squadrons is almost out! The game is less than three weeks away from release. Look for it to come to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 2. Make sure to brush up on the information you need to pre-order on your platform of choice. And don't forget, the game will be fully playable in VR.

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