Watch Nintendo musicians remotely perform the Animal Crossing: New Horizons theme

Nintendo's Animal Crossing: New Horizons musicians demonstrate how we can still do cool things together, even if a pandemic is keeping us apart.


2020 has been a strange, upsetting, and disruptive year to say the least with the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic keeping people apart. It feels like a long road back to normality, but Nintendo recently took the opportunity to show that even if people can’t get together directly, they can still do cool things. Such was the case with a recently-posted performance of the Animal Crossing: New Horizons theme by its musicians, done remotely.

Nintendo posted the Animal Crossing: New Horizons theme remote performance on the Nintendo YouTube channel on May 15, 2020. In this special video, we get to see the actual Animal Crossing: New Horizons performers showing off their musical talents in a short, but sweet play of the game’s main tune. Each musician’s part shuffled in and out of the mix to bring the whole cornucopia of relaxing sound together, and though it definitely feels like we’re seeing the parts were recorded separately (percussionist MATARO’s multiple and simultaneous efforts appear on the video at one point), it’s still rather cool to see the real talents behind the music in motion.

The coronavirus pandemic has definitely had an effect on Nintendo during these last couple months. Nintendo Switch production was disrupted, repairs were temporarily suspended, and Nintendo warned that new content in games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Animal Crossing: New Horizons could see delays due to efforts to work around COVID-19 and remain safe. To that end, Nintendo also allowed its employees to begin working from home early in the pandemic’s disruption. Many folks have had it bad as the pandemic has been going on, but maybe that’s why Nintendo feels the need to share at least a little ray of sunshine in hard times.

If you need to take a load off and let your cares drift away for spell, be sure to check out the remote performance of Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ main theme above. Looking for a hand without any of your island needs? We’re here to help with our collection of New Horizons guides and walkthroughs.

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