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Street Fighter 5 kicks off two-week Season 4 free trial

If you're still on a previous edition of Street Fighter 5, now's your chance to try out the final batch of characters with a special Season 4 free trial.


Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is out now and offers up everything that the current generation of the franchise has to offer. That's all 40 characters, every stage, and dozens of outfits. But what if you're one of those players still on vanilla Street Fighter V or stuck on Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition? Fortunately for you, you're about to get some more characters to play with, thanks to a special Season 4 free trial.

Starting today, anyone who owns the original Street Fighter V and Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition can play with Kage, Lucia, Poison, E. Honda, Gill, and Seth for free. If you own Street Fighter V: Champion Edition... you don't need this, because you already have them, so carry on.

Shacknews has tried out some of these characters in the past. Specifically, we tried out E. Honda, Poison, and Lucia shortly after their release. We came to enjoy Lucia's penchant for trick shots with her Flipper Shot special, Poison's combo potential, and especially Honda's V-Skill and its versatility. Out of the characters we tried out, Honda remains one of our favorites just because of how badly he can punish opponents in the corner.

Meanwhile, Seth has proven to be a bit of a favorite on the casual scene, mainly because of how wacky his V-Skill I is. The ability to steal opponents' moves is a lot of fun, especially with Seth's voice lines adding an extra degree of humor. But don't laugh at him too hard, because he's an exceptionally dangerous fighter, no matter which V-Trigger he's using.

The Street Fighter V Season 4 trial will run from now through May 6. If you're not ready to jump to Champion Edition just yet, but still want to try all of this out, Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is in the middle of a Steam sale that will run until May 7.

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