Countdown to Doomsday: Shacknews celebrates Doom Eternal and the Doom franchise

Read about the making of Doom Eternal, see our editor-in-chief's reaction to ports of Doom for the first time, and more.


Of all the blockbuster games scheduled for release this year, Doom Eternal is one of the most anticipated. "Doom 2016" pulled off what many believed to be an impossible feat: rebooted the franchise in a way that paid tribute to its roots, while fusing classic systems with new ideas such as collectibles and weapon upgrades.

Doomguy: Putting the
Doomguy: Putting the "pain" in Pain Elementals since 1994.

Doom 2016 ripped and tore its way to critical acclaim, and earned the Shacknews Game of the Year award.

Its sequel, Doom Eternal, has big shoes to fill. Ahead of its release this Friday, Shacknews is hosting Countdown to Doomsday, a slate of features that celebrate Doom Eternal's imminent release and the 26-year (and counting) history of the Doom franchise. Every day this week, Shacknews will publish interviews, let's-plays, our patented Long Read deep dives, and other content that delves into the fandom, creation, and longevity of Doom.

This article serves as a content hub. New content will be published on our front page and in our Chatty community as it goes live; it will also be linked here, so bookmark this page and check back often for updates. Features will come online at 9:00am Pacific/noon Eastern, and 2:00pm Pacific/5:00pm Eastern each day. Every now and then, we'll treat you to extra daily features; those will follow a looser schedule, but they'll be linked here when they're ready.

Enjoy this week, Doom Slayers. Rip and tear until it (reading, watching, listening, and more) is done.

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Further Reading

Like the Doom Slayer, our work is never done. Below, you'll find strategy guides, video features, and other Shacknews content related to Doom Eternal.

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