Doom Eternal will feature a roguelike difficulty higher than Nightmare

Do you want to die, Doom Slayer? DOOM Eternal is set to feature a mode that will challenge players to take just one life into to the supreme Nightmare difficulty.


When it comes to difficulty in DOOM games, some players just want to bleed for the things they love. id Software and Bethesda have you covered in this regard. Not only is DOOM Eternal going to feature the intense Nightmare difficulty, but there’s also going to be a mode even harder. Are you willing to take on a roguelike version of Nightmare mode with just one life for the whole playthrough?

We learned of the new roguelike difficulty in our hands-on preview with DOOM Eternal, posted here on Shacknews on January 21, 2020. During our time with the game and developers, we learned that not only will DOOM Eternal feature the top-tier Nightmare difficulty, but also a level above even that. This mode takes even the brutal difficulty of Nightmare and adds roguelike elements to it, the most prominent of which is that you only have one life for the whole mode. If you die, it’s back to the start of the game. No checkpoints or continues. Game over, man. Game over.

Not only will this mode likely challenge the most battle-hardened of DOOM players, but you can also see how you stack up against them. The roguelike difficulty level will show where other Doom Slayers fell in their conquest through the mode so you can see how you stack-up in your pursuit of glory (or simply where people tend to get cut down the most, like Super Mario Maker or Dark Souls). It’s extremely interesting to see this sort of indirectly competitive element added to the game where we can test ourselves against our obsessive community and see who’s the true champion of DOOM. It also wouldn’t be id Software’s first effort of adapting a From Software Soulsborne element alongside the invasion mechanic they showed in early reveals of the game.

DOOM Eternal is slated to hit in March 20, 2020 alongside a beautiful calendar of 2020 games, so get ready for the final stretch before we all jump into the fresh Hell-slaying goodness.

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