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Notes and Citations


Hell Razer: The Making of Doom Eternal was written based on interviews conducted over 2019 and 2020. A special thanks goes out to Liz Roland at forty-seven communications for arranging interviews and play sessions; and a huge thank-you to Asif Khan and the Shacknews editorial team for assistance revising this work.

Hell Razer is based on new interviews with Hugo Martin and Marty Stratton. The following sources aided in my research:


Almost two years later, in an early 2020 interview: Designing DOOM Eternal with Hugo Martin - Noclip Podcast #22,

Chapter 1

Doom 2016 was ranked Bethesda's second-most hated game: DOOM Is Now Bethesda's Second Most Hated Game On Steam,

Bethesda formalized that policy later that year: BETHESDA & GAME REVIEWS,

in less than a week, Doom 2016 rose from: The new Doom campaign turns around Steam user reviews,

No one's playing the game: Designing DOOM Eternal with Hugo Martin - Noclip Podcast #22,

What are you talking about? I love Doom: Ibid.

Chapter 2

refers to Doom 2016's game loop as the fun zone: Designing DOOM Eternal with Hugo Martin - Noclip Podcast #22,

pointed out that Doom 2016's rocket launcher took a backseat: DOOM REVIEW,

Chapter 5

He's since amended his stance: John Carmack on Twitter,

Chapter 7

Romero aptly described the sequel as: Doom 2 EPK (1994, Id Software),

By Wednesday morning, the game averaged 87: DOOM ETERNAL,

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