The Cartridge Family 082 - Buffa and John Call Joe "Daddy", Mixed Opinions on The Outer Worlds

Joe has officially ascended to the realm of father fathers, and yet still has time to play The Outer Worlds. Impressive!


It finally happened! Joe’s a freakin’ dad! In this week’s episode, John and Buffa welcome Joe to the parents club. Yup… just a bunch of dads talking about video games now.

Speaking of which, some ish went down in the show’s absence. The Outer Worlds is available for all major platforms (cough, not for Switch yet, cough) and Joe and John are about as divided as cats and dogs. Joe thinks this is Obsidian at its most Obsidian, and plans to continue playing this engaging sci-fi romp, while John feels that the game’s familiarity to New Vegas and Fallout works against it.

Buffa, meanwhile, is working up a sweat with Nintendo’s exercise game for the Switch, Ring Fit Adventure. There’s a chance that his pecs might explode from repeated squeezes with the game’s peripheral, the Ring Con; his new motto, Never Stop Squeezing, might be his undoing. He also put the finishing touches on an article that posted to the family-friendly website, SuperParent. It’s a touching tale about the import GameCube that Buffa splurged on way back in 2001, and how Luigi’s Mansion became the most important video game in his family’s life in 2019. Don’t miss it.

Last but certainly not least, the fam talks about the recent Aladdin and Lion King retro compilation, Dead Stranding coming to the PC, and the Switch’s lifetime sales running neck and neck (and quite possibly overtaking) sales of the Xbox One. It’s nuts out there! Enjoy.

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