By Steve Watts   //   June 27, 2017 9:40 AM

PlayStation Mid-Year Sale Kicks Off

For the next two weeks you can get steep discounts on Ratchet & Clank, The Last of Us: Left Behind, and more.

By Steve Watts   //   January 25, 2013 7:30 AM

Sony launches browser-based PlayStation Store

Sony has launched the Sony Entertainment Network store, a browser-based store front that lets you purchase PlayStation Store content from your PC.
By Alice O'Connor   //   January 11, 2013 6:00 AM

Sony to launch PlayStation web store this month

The PlayStation Network has made huge inroads on Xbox Live Arcade over the years, now looking the better online service in many ways, but it has been missing a way to access the store over the cyberweb. Thankfully, Sony is launching a site to browse and buy games in your browser this month, having debuted such a thing in Europe in December.
By Xav de Matos   //   December 20, 2011 6:45 PM

Rocksmith adds free three-track holiday DLC

Rocksmith, the game that attempts to make real rockers out of gamers, is adding free DLC in celebration of the holiday season. Jump in to see a trailer featuring the three-track DLC.