Rumor: Nintendo Switch Price and Release Date Leaked

The Nintendo Switch’s release is coming up soon, that much we know for sure. However, a definitive release date and pricing info have still been unannounced by Nintendo. However, GameSeek (alternate link), a UK gaming outlet, have posted a product listing on their website for the Nintendo Switch that seems to point to a mid-March release for the new console/handheld hybrid.

The GameSeek Nintendo Switch listing shows a release date for the system of March 17. The page also states the Switch is available for preorder for £198.50 which is around $244.06 USD. We’ve heard a general “March” release date for the Nintendo Switch for the last few months. With rumors of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild slated to be out in March as a Nintendo Switch launch title, the March 17 date seems plausible.

Additionally, a listing in November from the Canadian branch of Toys R Us website, which was quickly taken down, had the Nintendo Switch priced at $329.99 CAD, which translates onto around $249.30. With both the Canadian Toys R Us listing and the GameSeek listing prices translating into roughly the same price in USD, it seems too coincidental to ignore.

All these rumors should be confirmed or squelched during the Nintendo Switch reveal live stream coming next Thursday. The Nintendo Switch stream will start on January 12 at 11 PM ET/8 PM PT.

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