Rumor: Nintendo Switch price possibly leaked

Earlier this morning, the Canadian branch of Toys R Us published an online advertisement listing the Nintendo Switch at $329.99 CAD, or approximately $245 USD.

The listing, which has since been removed, was spotted by WCCF Tech. Nintendo announced that it would reveal the Switch console's price on January 13. At that time, the company will also offer a glimpse at games to be released within the system's March 2017 launch window.

Assuming the $245 price point pans out—likely rounded up to a more retail-friendly $249.99—the Switch would be competitively priced. Nintendo has said that consumers should not expect the console/handheld hybrid to compete directly with PS4 and Xbox One; a $250 price tag would keep it out of Microsoft's and Sony's $300-$400 range.

More importantly, the Switch would be perfectly positioned for parents looking to buy their kids a new handheld gaming device.

Nintendo put years of speculation to rest when it unveiled the Switch on October 20. That same day, NVIDIA discussed some details of its custom Tegra processor that powers the console. The Switch tablet displays games in 720p and features a capacitive touchscreen

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