Fez 2 not coming to Xbox because 'Microsoft won't let' it

Although Fez debuted on Xbox 360, developer Phil Fish has no plans to bring the recently-announced sequel to Microsoft platforms. When asked which platforms Fez 2 will appear on, he said: "not Xbox."

Fish has been vocal against Microsoft after the publisher made it difficult (and expensive) to release a crucial patch for his game. On PC, "the game would have been fixed two weeks after release, at no cost to us," Fish explained.

The lack of self-publishing, forced exclusivity (when publishing through Microsoft), and expensive title updates seem to have Fish steering clear of the platform. "With Microsoft they've made it painfully clear they don't want my ilk on their platform," Fish told Polygon. "I can't even self-publish there. Whereas on PS4, I can. It's that simple. Microsoft won't let me develop for their console. But Sony will."

Fish isn't the only high-profile indie developer to debut on Xbox and move onto a rival platform. Braid developer Jon Blow's new game The Witness is a PS4 console exclusive for many of the same reasons.

It's clear that Fez 2 will ship on PC, and it seems incredibly likely that PS4 will host the game as well, with Fish pointing out that "PS4 seems to be doing everything right." He added that "one is having a big love-in orgy and the other is doing yet another f-cking Minecraft port."