Medal of Honor Warfighter day 1 patch is massive

There are plenty of games that get patched on release day, but most involve minor fixes and tweaks. Not so with Medal of Honor Warfighter, which hit shelves today. Electronic Arts released a must-install-immediately patch for the game that rivals the fixes in some major content updates.

The patch, which covers both consoles and PC, has modifications to everything from the interface to matchmaking to gameplay. There is even one fix that makes sure controls continue to respond in single-player mode. There are also changes specific to each platform. Rest assured, though, that not everything on the list addresses a bug. Two new features were added and the game was got a new coat of "visual polish."

While making a release date is important, dumping an obviously unfinished game on the market with an "oh by the way, you need this, too" patch of this magnitude surely stretches the limits of gamer goodwill. But EA offered up this new launch trailer to help you regain some measure of enthusiasm for the game.

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