Day Z 1.7.2 patch may cause equipment loss

After a short delay, the Day Z 1.7.2 patch for ArmA 2 has launched. That delay didn't quite stamp out all of the bugs, though, because the mod developers say that this update might make you lose some equipment. It also packs in a host of fixes and new features, as usual.

A tweet from the development team said it could cause "equipment loss and loading problems," but on the bright side it improves server performance and lag. Other fixes include noise reduction through objects and a spawn fix. A few new features include smoother visibility based on the weather, bear traps that break players' and infected legs, sound reduction in rain and fog, and a replacement of the player syncing system.

The team says that over 420,000 people are playing it now, with 22,000 concurrent at peak and 10,000 off-peak. The team originally planned to have two servers, but the game now sports more than a thousand.