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Spelunky hack lets you play the same levels over and over

Part of the point of Spelunky is that players never see the same level twice, always learning techniques to defeat what the level generator throws at them rather than simply layouts. But if you do want to replay a particular world over and over, for whatever reason, a canny little hack made by one fan will let you force the generator seed and recreate the same set of levels over and over.

Spelunky PC introduces daily challenges

You may think you're the world's finest Spelunky> player, but how can you prove it when the levels are procedurally generated different for everyone. Enter Daily Challenges, coming in the revamped PC edition to let everyone compete on equal footing in a new adventure every day.

Spelunky revamp emerges on PC August 8

Spelunky is a roguelike platformer which started life as a free PC game then was tarted up for Xbox 360, and is now coming back to PC with all that fanciness. Get it? Good. It's coming on August 8, developer Mossmouth has now announced.

Spelunky XLBA DLC packs add new explorers, arenas

If procedurally-generated levels in Spelunky aren't variation enough for you, you can now buy DLC packs for the XBLA edition to add more characters to go exploring with, from robots to vikings, and a load of new crafted deathmatch arenas in which to murderise your chums. Released on Wednesday, they only cost a tidy 160 Microsoft Points ($2 each).

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