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Torment site launches, preps for crowdfunding

InXile Entertainment has launched a new website for its spiritual successor to PlaneScape: Torment, and is already getting fan input about items they would like to see when the company eventually launches its Kickstarter campaign.

New Torment game to use kickstarted RPG world of Numenera

The spiritual successor to PlaneScape: Torment being developed by inXile Entertainment is going to rely on many of the themes and exotic settings hat made the original so popular, according to inXile chief Brian Fargo. Since the PlaneScape world is unavailable, the recently Kickstarted RPG world of Numenera will be used.

Wasteland 2 gets first concept art

The Wasteland 2 information is slowly coming out, and Brian Fargo blogged some details about the game's Desert Rangers, complete with new concept art.

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