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Quadrilateral Cowboy preview: hack attack

Blendo Games brought their hack-tastic Cyberpunk title, Quadrilateral Cowboy, to IndieCade. Creator Brendon Chung briefly speaks to Shacknews and shows us how important learning is when it comes to hacking into secure facilities.

Thirty Flights of Loving prototype speaks and shoots

While Thirty Flights of Loving was the sequel to Gravity Bone, it actually started first as a prototype for Gravity Bone. Developer Blendo games has released a video showing off the early version before it set Thirty Flights aside and oh, it's quite different. You can blast away with a submachinegun, for starters.

New Humble Bundle offers four Blendo games

Blendo Games is in the spotlight this week for the newest Humble Bundle, with four games from the indie developer available in the tradition pay-what-you-want model we have all come to know and love.

Gravity Bone sequel Thirty Flights of Loving released

You should play Blendo Games' Thirty Flights of Loving, which has none of the usual cruft and nonsense of video game stories but tells a delightful story in an awfully exciting way. Blendo launched the sequel to its splendid Gravity Bone for PC last night, so hop to it.

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