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Skin Deep gameplay trailer stinks up Annapurna Interactive Showcase

Get a whiff of this latest trailer for stealth shooter Skin Deep.


Blendo Games has put together some incredible and unconventional indie gaming experiences in the past. Founder Brendon Chung has been hard at work on the game for years with Annapurna Interactive stepping in as publisher in the meantime. During Thursday's Annapurna Interactive Showcase, viewers were treated to a new gameplay trailer that shows off just how odd this game is going to be.

Described as "Die Hard in space," Skin Deep is a stealth shooter that takes place aboard a space vessel filled with cats, which is being invaded by space pirates. The game's main character is an assassin-turned-insurance salesman just coming out of cryogenic stasis and can fortunately defend himself with an array of firearms. Some of them will be pretty useful, as the game's weapons will include a belt-fed shotgun, a teleportation gun, and an autopistol that only makes headshots. So far, none of this sounds overly unusual. Well, this is where it gets weird.

Not only can pirates detect players by sight or sound, but they can also detect them by smell. Going through a trash chute or a dirty air duct can raise a player's stench. If the player really stinks, enemies will be able to smell them from afar. The game will feature a few other olfactory mechanics, including ones related to dust and allergies. It's going to be easy to get spotted and potentially killed in this game, but fortunately, the end of today's trailer shows off an auto-defibrillator mechanic, which can offer at least one resurrection.

"Blendo is known for creating games that have compelling stories and great gameplay, and that's exactly what drew us to work with Brendon [Chung]," Annapurna Interactive President Nathan Gary back when they first partnered with Blendo Games. "Skin Deep embodies all that and more. We’re truly blown away by their artistry and can’t wait to get it out in the world for everyone to play."

There is still no release date for Skin Deep. It's presumably still "the future." Whenever it does release, look for it to come to PC (via Steam). We'll have more on Skin Deep as it arises. We'll recognize its scent, so stay tuned to Shacknews for the latest.

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