Flotilla 2 brings tactical turn-based space combat to VR, available now

Big ships engaged in big space battles. What more could you want?


Blendo Games' VR-centric sequel to the turn-based tactical spaceship battle sim Flotilla is here, the aptly-named Flotilla 2, and it's an intriguing scuffle in space for Rift or Vive owners to play around in. The VR exclusive sequel to the 2010 title brings more space warfare with a selection of various shapes to fly around while whittling away at others' ships' weak points. It's a battle of attrition, but you're floating around in space in virtual reality with these big behemoths. What's not to love?

Flotilla 2 is a bit different from the original game, though. It featured rogue like elements a bit unlike what Flotilla 2 has to offer, as this new game features over 100 levels with various maladies and obstacles that stand in the way of the coveted Victory in Space. Don't get it twisted, though, as there's still plenty going on that you'll need to manage while waving around your hands wildly in virtual reality. That has not changed, dear readers.

The game is available now via Steam for just $8.99, with a 10% off discount included in its current price, so if you've got the headsets, the bandwidth, and the desire to square off against others in space, it's worth checking out. 

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