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Samorost 3 due 2015 on PC, iOS and Android

Machinarium creator Amanita Design announced Samorost3 alongside Botanicula back in 2011. While Botanicula launched ages ago, we're only now getting a teensy peek at the new Samorost. The lovely Czech studio has released a short teaser trailer, and revealed that the adventure game is to launch in 2015.

Machinarium marches onto Vita on March 26th

Sony's Vita has become something of the indie console of choice lately. It continues to make good on that reputation with the addition of critically-acclaimed adventure game Machinarium to its library.

Machinarium listed for Vita by ESRB

Amanita Design's charming robo-adventure game Machinarium is making its way to Vita too, according to a recent ESRB listing. And why would those lovely men and women lie? Why? Why would they do that?

Botanicula review

Botanicula offers a engaging world with beautiful art design, even if the fetch quests can be somewhat repetitive.

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