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While Modojo battled away at the flood of incoming news this week, Google took to the stage to reinforce Android's place in the modern mobile market. Not only did the company announce a host of new products, including two powerful new devices backed by the power of Android, it also revealed new hardware for fans of smart speakers and smart home technology. And, as a cherry on top, mobile users have a new and specially-curated selection of Android apps just waiting to be discovered in the company's latest fall update to the recently-christened Android Excellence Collection.

Neither burgonet nor spiked barbute can protect your dome from the volley of information raining down from this week's Modojo Rewind.

Hot And Fresh Mobile Technology

Most of this week's biggest headlines came through tech conglomerate Google, the likes of which held a special event earlier this week to announce a range of new products aimed squarely at mobile users. The company announced the new Google Pixel 2, the most powerful and robust smartphone Google has made yet and a product that aims to bring higher-quality augmented reality as well as virtual reality experiences to mobile users. For all those who are interested in knowing more about what the Pixel 2 and the company's new VR headset bring to the table, check out our guide on what's new with Google Pixel 2 and Google Daydream View.

Just as big as Google's announcement of the Pixel 2 was the formal reveal of the Google Pixelbook. This new laptop/tablet hybrid is of particular interest to mobile fans, as the device is capable of running native Android apps, meaning Chromebook fans and Android users alike can enjoy a host of new functionality in a slim and svelte form factor. Beyond this, Google also introduced both the new Home Mini speaker, which is the company's latest budget-oriented smart speaker, and the Home Max, which is a more powerful and higher-end smart speaker experience.

Naturally, we've put together guides for all of these devices that include all of the must-know details: tech fans who want to learn about pricing, specifications, features, and where to preorder should check out our guides to the Google Pixelbook, the Google Home Max, and the Google Home Mini.

It's A Good Time To Run Android

There's been other good news for Android users this week as well: a company called Nebula has begun an Indiegogo campaign for its new smart projector, a $350 piece of tech that runs Android 7 and can display a screen up to 100 inches in size. Even better, interested buyers can scoop one up for around $270 for a limited time. And, in the case that someone hasn't yet checked out the smart speaker market or dived into voice-activated functionality, Amazon has recently integrated Alexa into the free Amazon Shopping app on Android devices, and we've got a guide on how to use it.

We usually can't go long without new Pokemon information, and this week was no exception. At the start of the month, Pokemon Go's Legendary Dogs rotated from their posts to new regions across the world. North American players in particular can now do battle with the Fire-type Legendary Entei, with Suicine set to fill in its place next month. In addition, the Pokemon Company has announced plans for special Halloween events and content for players across all walks of Pokemon fandom.

Lastly, we've got some good news for mobile gamers who don't know what to check out next. Independent developer Amanita Design has showcased its upcoming title Chuchel in a new trailer, and it looks to present all of the charm present in other games by the studio, and Google has updated the company's Android Excellence Collection for Fall, meaning Android users and mobile game players alike have a new place to find loads of top-tier apps and games.

It'd be unwise to try and pack all of Modojo's weekly content into a single post, so stay on top of the mobile and portable gaming scene by keeping your browser tuned to Modojo.

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