Happy Game shows it's likely anything but in a Future Games Show 2021 reveal

Amanita Design showed off the latest look at Happy Game and convinces us that it's a bit less happy and a bit more fever dream nightmare fuel.


Look, we understand completely that “Upsetting Game” probably doesn’t roll off the tongue as marketable, but nothing could have prepared us for what were in for when we saw what Amanita Games was working on with Happy Game. The game got itself an all-new trailer and it would appear that we’re in for anything but a happy time in this both sickeningly sweet and absolutely stark side-scrolling journey.

Amanita Games shared the new and unsettling trailer for Happy Game during the Future Games Show 2021 livestream on June 13, 2021. It features a wealth of saccharine and psychologically terrifying encounters throughout the full minutes. Whether it’s traveling through the “happy” world or a… far more stark, not-so-happy world, it looks like we’re in for a pretty bad time if we don’t stay on our toes and be mindful of the denizens around us. You can see all of it in the trailer below at your own risk.

Happy Game’s Steam page shares a deceptively simple premise for what we’re looking at above. A boy falls asleep to a horrible nightmare. That would explain a little bit of the fuzzy bordering and what we’ll call fantastical creatures. Our job is to guide him carefully back to happiness. The kid’s a pretty rough sleeper though. It seems as though multiple nightmares await, along with the rather unsettling encounters that will be strewn about them. Either way, disturbing puzzles await in each realm for us to guide the boy through, lest some highly upsetting outcomes occur for him, dream or not.

Happy Game is slated for a Fall 2021 release, meaning the game won’t be too far around the corner. There’s even a demo available to get a taste of what’s in store. Stay tuned for sleepless nights and more info on this game as it becomes available, as well as our other E3 2021 coverage.

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