You seem to have some questions about Shantynews

You seem to have some questions about Shantynews

Shackers have been asking a lot of questions about us, and we are going to give you some answers. Check out this FAQ about Shantynews.


Shantynews has been up and running for one month, and our readers have some questions. We're going to answer them here in this handy dandy FAQ. Please take a look.

Who is Shantynews?

Shantynews is a Shacknews user account created by the Shacknews editorial team. Shantynews coverage is a collaborative effort that combines the work of multiple editors on Shack Staff with some input from Shackers. Not everyone who contributes to Shantynews is on the Shacknews payroll, but the articles are posted by an editor. We tend to spitball ideas on Slack or Discord, and then one person will put everything together in a Shacknews Cortex article.

Why is it hard to tell if a Shantynews article is real or fake?

Short answer: you dumb. Long answer is that good satire toes the line of sounding like the story could be real while injecting silly humor into the mix. We do our best to properly label all of our articles as satire, but it isn't our fault if people are just reacting to headlines like a bunch of jaboofers. Actually click the article link and you probably won't be duped by any of our hot takes.

Can I contribute to Shantynews?

You can try to contribute to Shantynews, but there is no guarantee that we will find your submission funny. But we are opening up a Shantynews Tip Line today. Just Shack Message Shantynews here on and we will judge your submission. You can suggest headlines or even full articles. Wanna create a dank meme for us? Go for it. If we reply to you, you may have what it takes to join the team.

Can I have your baby, Shantynews?

Look, we are really digging the lifestyle of being a single Shacknews character account. Maybe we can talk about this more after you buy us dinner or something.

What was Briefcase Man's original Shackname?

Shacknews CEO Asif "the man with the briefcase" Khan has been a Shacker for decades, but his original Shacknews account name remains a mystery. Please message us any information you have about his original account. We have it on good authority that he was a banned Shacker.

Nice things that Shackers have had to say about us

We really appreciate all of the support from the Shacknews Chatty community as we continue to bring you some of the best satirical gaming content possible while also not trying too hard.

Any other questions?

Be sure to follow us on Shacknews Cortex and on Twitter @theshantynews to stay up to date on all of our latest posts. Please let us know if you have any other questions about Shantynews, and we might actually reply in the Shacknews Chatty thread below.

- posted by Aardvark the Forgetful Editor

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