Mods asleep, post Snood

Mods asleep, post Snood

It's time for us to review one of the best puzzle games of the 90s.


You know what 0wns? Snood!


You best be playing Snood, motherfuckers. But listen to this shit.

Aww yeah!

Snood on Steam has been updated to include an onlne leaderboard.

We didn't buy Snood, cuz this shit is free on Steam. Only problem is that you have to grind games to unlock higher difficulty levels. Briefcase Man pays us in restaurant tickets here at Ole Shanty and we can't afford to splurge too much with our review coverage, but we don't mind the grinding in this game cuz it just means more Snood!

Snood rules! 

- posted by The Dave Dobson Super Fan Club

Review for

Great sound effects

Amazing art style

Fabulous difficulty settings

Free to play



You shut your fucking mouth with this bullshit

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