MultiVersus brings Agent Smith from The Matrix to its roster next week

The rogue agent of the machines in The Matrix will bring his martial arts, fast movement, and gunplay to MultiVersus later this July.

The next playable character in MultiVersus has been given a release date. Agent Smith from The Matrix has been teased for a while, bringing up the tail-end of a series of villains that have come out in the game’s debut returning season. This week, we finally got a release date for him, not to mention a look at how Smith is going to be playing in MultiVersus when he launches next week.

Player First Games shared a major look at Agent Smith in action with a new gameplay trailer this week. An accompanying press release confirmed that Agent Smith will become available in MultiVersus on July 8, 2024 as a free playable character that will coincide with a special event. The “Beat Rifts, Get Agent Smith Free!” event seems pretty self-explanatory. By playing Rifts Mode during the event, players can earn rewards up to and including unlocking Agent Smith as a permanent addition to their roster.

Smith is looking quite good with the abilities we saw in his gameplay trailer. The Agent brings his martial arts prowess to play alongside the abilities granted to him by the machines. He can teleport short distances to catch opponents off guard, as well as moving his body rapidly in place to dodge and nullify projectiles like the Batarang and Lebron’s basketball. It looks like Smith can even call in other Agents to do a bit of his dirty work for him as fodder. Finally, Agent Smith is packing heat. He can use his handgun for a quick projectile move or utilize it in combos once he decides to start putting opponents in their place.

Agent Smith’s release follows that of Joker and Jason in this villainous debut season of MultiVersus. For more information and details as we get closer to his release, stay tuned to the MultiVersus topic here at Shacknews.

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