Shack Together 018 - The Final Shape Launch, Shadow of the Erdtree, GME Stock Chat, feat. Bill Lavoy

Were you one of the statistical anomalies that heard my neighbor's landscaper last week?


Thanks for joining us for another episode of "Shack Together," the most-together Shacknews video games podcast there ever was! Asif Khan, possibly John Benyamine, myself Joe Stasio, and managing editor Bill Lavoy are today’s crew and we’re all stoked to bring you the latest and greatest in gaming. We kick off with what we've been playing lately: Bill gives us the down low on Destiny 2’s latest DLC and how launch has fared, I finally finished the Three-Body Series, both the book and the show which means I will now shut-up about it, while Asif brings his usually litany of dramatic F-ZERO 99 victories and defeats along with a few other treats.

Next up, we play a little game called “D2ceives: Is this a Destiny 2 God Roll or did I make it up?” before diving into our Story Time segment where we cover the latest gaming and tech stories from the past week, including such topics as the Elden Ring DLC preview, Cat Quest 3, and Skydance’s Behemoth for PSVR2.

This week’s Story Time includes:

Last, we share a post or two from the Shacknews community. Don’t forget to subscribe to Shack Together on your favorite podcast app and catch us every Friday for more Shack Together. Thank you as always for listening and enjoy!

Don't forget to subscribe on your favorite podcast app and join us every Friday for more episodes of Shack Together. Enjoy!

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