Watch the Destiny 2: The Final Shape developer gameplay preview livestream here

April 9 will give players another look at all the exciting changes coming to Destiny 2 with The Final Shape.


Bungie is hosting a special Destiny 2: The Final Shape developer gameplay livestream today. While the servers are presumably down for the release of Into the Light, the devs will be taking players through the upcoming expansion to show off what they’ve been busy creating with the extra development time. You can tune in to the livestream below.

Destiny 2: The Final Shape developer gameplay livestream – April 9

The Destiny 2: The Final Shape developer gameplay livestream will begin at 9:30 a.m. PT / 12:30 p.m. ET on April 9, 2024. While there’s no indication of how long this particular livestream will last, these Bungie streams tend to have a one hour duration.

During the developer gameplay stream for The Final Shape, viewers on Twitch will be able to earn the Tigris Fati emblem and even finish off the other two emblems from the previous Into the Light previews, Those Who Held Dear and Echo Diamond. Ensure you have linked Destiny 2 to Twitch so you can earn these rewards. We've got a guide for all the free emblem codes, too.

Destiny 2: The Final Shape is scheduled to release on June 4, 2024 and will act as the last expansion in the Light and Darkness saga that kicked off a decade ago with the release of Destiny in September 2014. Following the release of this expansion, Bungie will be shifting from the quarterly seasonal model to a trio of DLC drops called Episodes. Check out our guide on all Destiny 2 seasons for more information as these are unveiled.

With Into the Light releasing today and The Final Shape only a couple of months away, make sure you keep it locked to Shacknews for the latest on this hit series from Bungie. We’ve got our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide primed and ready to help you conquer each challenge.

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      April 9, 2024 10:12 AM

      Was not able to watch it but I will paste a reddit or's notes as they watched and go "holy shit that's how you revitalize a game"

      - Luke Smith reveals the future of Destiny will be revealed after the Final Shape

      - It is not the end of Destiny 2 or Destiny on the whole

      - New powers shown

      - New powers shine, combines Light and Dark

      - Called Prismatic and charges under Super bar

      - You can combine subclass powers together. Warlock can wield Void and Stasis together for example

      - Strand, Arc and Stasis Hunter shown

      - Bungie want to transcend Subclasses and allow us to make our own Guardian

      - This really allows tons of builds and combinations which should create some crazy combinations

      - Escalates combat to whole new levels

      - Showing combinations together and explaining builds

      - Titan using Arc and Strand

      - Devour + Bleakwatchers shown

      - Exotic class items return

      - Exotic class items allow you take Exotic perks from others and combine them

      - All about Prismatic and making that feel good.

      - When charged its called transcendence

      - Exotic class items are unique for each class

      - Bungie excited to see what combos people like and what becomes meta

      - Bungie says can even steal Exotic perks from other classes

      - These are random rolls so worth farming for over and over to test out the combinations for your build

      - New enemy type, Witness Faction. The Dread

      - Multiple new enemies

      - The Grim is a flying enemy with a gun. It screams and swoops

      - Screech hits you, suppresses and slows

      - The Husk is a melee bruiser type that will hunt you down

      - Kill The Husk the wrong way, spawns 'The Ghast' which chases you and explodes

      - Strand and Staiss enemies, like a pairing. Can freeze you, can pull you across the battlefield or suspended

      - The Weaver uses Strand and will pull you towards it

      - Culmination of the Guardians last 10 year journey

      - New Final Shape trailer being shown

      - Trailer has Ikora and Crow narration

      - Showcases Prismatic powers

      - Epic trailer, Bungie always nails the hype trailer lets be honest

      - 'Make your own fate'

      - BRAVE weapon arsenal being showcased

      - Into the Light trailer showing Secret missions and Onslaught

      - Superblack shader shown applied

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