All emblem codes - Destiny 2

A list of every free emblem code for Destiny 2 that can be redeemed on Bungie's site.


Destiny 2 has a lot of ways for players to express their identity, and one of the most striking are the emblems. Most of these are unlocked in-game through activities, some are pre-order bonuses or special events, while others can be unlocked by inputting an emblem code into Bungie.

All emblem codes

The following table contains all free emblem codes, the name of the emblem, and a small image showing what the emblem looks like. At the bottom are a couple of non-emblem codes (transmat effect and emote) along with some Destiny 1 emblems (for those who wish to have them all).

Click the code in the table to be taken directly to the Bungie redeem page with the code pre-written.

Emblem codes
Code Emblem Name Emblem Image
PTD-GKG-CVN Archived
3J9-AMM-7MG Folding Space
3CV-D6K-RD4 Gone Home
FMM-44A-RKP Myopia
L3P-XXR-GJ4 Out the Airlock destiny 2 out the airlock emblem
9FY-KDD-PRT Adventurous Spirit adventurous spirit emblem
HN3-7K9-93G Airlock Invitation Airlock Invitation emblem
ML3-FD4-ND9 Be True be true emblem
A67-C7X-3GN Bulbul Tarang  bulbul tarang emblem
YRC-C3D-YNC Classy Order classy order emblem
PHV-6LF-9CP Countdown to Convergence  countdown to convergence emblem
D97-YCX-7JK Crushed Gamma crushed gamma emblem
RA9-XPH-6KJ Cryonautics cryonautics emblem
7LV-GTK-T7J Future In Shadow future in shadow emblem
JYN-JAA-Y7D Galilean Excursion galilean excursion emblem
VXN-V3T-MRP Harmonic Commencement harmonic commencement emblem
L7T-CVV-3RD Heliotrope Warren heliotrope warren emblem
XVK-RLA-RAM In Urbe Inventa in urbe inventa emblem
J6P-9YH-LLP In Vino Mendacium in vino mendacium emblem
TNN-DKM-6LG Jade's Burrow jades burrow emblem
VA7-L7H-PNC Liminal Nadir liminal nadir emblem
XMY-G9M-6XH Limitless Horizon limitless horizon emblem
JND-HLR-L69 M:\>START Marathon ARG M:\>START marathon emblem
YAA-37T-FCN Neon Mirage neon mirage emblem
THR-33A-YKC Risen risen emblem
9LX-7YC-6TX Schrodinger's Gun schrodinger's gun emblem
7D4-PKR-MD7 Sequence Flourish sequence flourish emblem
XVX-DKJ-CVM Seraphim's Gauntlets seraphim's gauntlets emblem
F99-KPX-NCF Shadow’s Light shadow's light emblem
6LJ-GH7-TPA Sneer of the Oni sneer of the oni emblem
T67-JXY-PH6 Stag's Spirit stags spirit emblem
PKH-JL6-L4R Tangled Web tangled web emblem
993-H3H-M6K Visio Spei visio spei emblem
XFV-KHP-N97 The Visionary the visionary emblem
JVG-VNT-GGG соняшник Ukraine Support соняшник ukraine support emblem
TK7-D3P-FDF 2023 Pride Celebration Promo N/A
R9J-79M-J6C End of the Rainbow N/A
Destiny 1 emblems
JDT-NLC-JKM Ab Aeterno ab aeterno emblem
FJ9-LAM-67F Binding Focus binding focus emblem
JNX-DMH-XLA Field of Light field of light emblem
A7L-FYC-44X Flames of Forgotten Truth flames of forgotten truth emblem
JD7-4CM-HJG Illusion of Light illusion of light emblem
3VF-LGC-RLX Insula Thesauraria insula thesauraria emblem
7CP-94V-LFP Lone Focus, Jagged Edge lone focus, jagged edge emblem
X4C-FGX-MX3 Note of Conquest note of conquest emblem
N3L-XN6-PXF The Reflective Proof the reflective proof emblem
7F9-767-F74 Sign of the Finite sign of the finite emblem
X9F-GMA-H6D The Unimagined Plane the unimagined plane emblem

Credit to Destiny Emblem Collector for API access for the above emblem images.

How to redeem emblem codes

Destiny 2 emblem codes can be redeemed through Bungie’s website. The process is straightforward, there’s even a section that shows your redemption history and partner rewards. Here are the exact steps:

  1. Go to and select the Destiny 2 tab
  2. Sign in to your account
  3. Select your profile picture and then click Redeem Codes
  4. Enter the 9-digit code and click Redeem

Once you’ve selected Redeem, a pop-up message will tell you whether it has been successful or if the code has already been applied to your account. You can redeem every single code in the above list.

Where to find your redeemed emblems

The location of redeemed emblems in Destiny 2

Source: Shacknews

For the most part, your emblems are located in Collections, within the Flair tab under Emblems. They’re likely to be found in the General section. They won’t be flashing, so you’ll need to manually tab through and read the emblems until you find the one you redeemed. You might even find some rewards at the Special Deliveries kiosk in the Tower beside the Cryptarch.

While these are just the free emblem codes, there are a ton of other emblems to earn and unlock in Destiny 2. Take a look at our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more collection tips, weapon recommendations, and schedules.

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